For more than two decades, Lars Wiechmann has been changing the outcomes of political campaigns across the country. His active involvement in local, state, and federal races has helped him to develop a keen insight into the successful characteristics of winning campaigns.


From grassroots organizations to statehouses; from the Virginia Lieutenant Governor’s office to qualifying ballot measures, Wiechmann has toiled in the trenches to ensure conservative victories in every corner of the nation.


With a rich history of working for the underdog, Wiechmann partners with his clients to determine the most efficient and effective way of reaching the right target audience when financial resources are limited. He began his career managing campaigns with a string of wins that quickly earned him  a reputation of knowing how to knock off entrenched incumbents, even when heavily outspent.  Since those early races, he has continued his "work harder and smarter" philosophy as he moved on to statewide and Federal campaigns across the country.


Never afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig in when the job requires it, Wiechmann’s eagerness to talk to voters and engage with them in a meaningful conversation results in the right message reaching the right voter.


Having managed direct mail campaigns in more than 25 states from coast-to-coast, Wiechmann’s extensive production experience, combined with his ability to get a pulse on what is happening on the ground, gives his clients a distinct advantage in persuading voters and catalyzing action.


When he is not on the road, Wiechmann divides his time between Halifax's Virginia and South Carolina offices.